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Vision is not simply about seeing clearly with each eye. It is much more than that. It's about seeing comfortably. It's about your optometrist fine tuning your spectacle or contact lens prescription, so that you can adapt to the visual change as easily as possible. It's about understanding that the modern work environment involves complex visual tasks. It's not just reading a document on the desk in front of you. It's looking at multiple computer screens, laptop and cellphone screens in the same space. Your vision correction needs to work for you even with all of this. Only an optometrist with years of experience and a deep understanding of human interaction with our environment, and a thorough knowledge of corrective lens technology will result in you achieving clear comfortable vision.




Do you really need a blue-light blocker?

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports incorporating a good anti-reflection coating into a spectacle lens. The same can’t be said for a “blue-blocker” addition. 

The new Hi-Vision Meiryo coating from Hoya offers:

 1.  Anti-static, anti-reflective and extreme scratch resistance for clearer and cleaner lenses.

2.  100% Ultra violet light protection.

3.  Dirt and water repellence.

4.  Enhanced contrast and glare reduction.

Do your feel eyestrain even with your new glasses?

Do your feel eyestrain even with your new glasses? Does it seem difficult to concentrate when working? 

It might be that your eyes are not working efficiently with each other. It’s similar to the wheels of your car being out of alignment. Your car drives forward but it is not easy to steer. To solve this problem known as Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), micro-prisms are incorporated into your spectacle lenses to realign the image that each eye receives. This reduces the strain caused by the muscle imbalance of the eyes.

Wouldn't you prefer the  thinnest, clearest lens?

Did you know? We can enhance the cosmetic appearance of your spectacles by making 3 changes to the lens design:

 1. Compressing or thinning the lens material by increasing the refractive index of the lens.

 2. Flattening the curve or shape of the lens by using a lens with an aspheric design.

 3. Reducing unwanted reflections by adding a clear crisp anti reflection coating.


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